Research Report 2020

Impact through design

Hello! We are a team of design and engineering university researchers. Our role is to generate and transfer knowledge to inspire, educate, instigate change and shake the system. And 2020 has been a transformative year for all of us.

In this Research Report you will find Elisava Research’s last year overview. With a view to consolidating our knowledge, we have grouped the research lines into three knowledge centres, labs where we explore three central concepts: resilience through creativity; well-being for humans and the planet; and technology for the people. Elisava researchers have been leading high quality projects both at the European level and within companies.

The aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis is going to have profound political, economic and social implications. But we need to wake up and use this as an opportunity to creatively move away from traditional methods and mindsets and shake the system. More than ever, it is our collective responsibility to follow the roadmap that leads to positive change. Welcome to our creative think and do tank!