Material Designers Book

What if we use creativity to provide better circular economy solutions through the ideation of new materials? Material Designers Book is a resourceful knowledge guide that provides a better understanding on how materials design contribute to attain a more circular economy.

Material designer is an emergent professional profile which has its roots in the maker movement and whose role can have a positive impact in the development of a circular economy. Material Designers (MaDe) is a Creative Europe programme that addresses specific skills needs for designers within the circular economy paradigm. MaDe is a platform, a training programme, an award and an event series showcasing and demonstrating the positive impact material designers can have across all industry and on the generation of an alternative creative industry aiming at circular economies.

Material Designers Book is the result of two years' work, with a compilation of expert articles and short interviews, a glossary of concepts, original resources, detailed finalists, winners’ projects and the full directory of material designers.

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