A knowledge platform with an annual magazine

‘VISIONS BY People about Material Cultures’ is a knowledge platform that addresses the different perspectives on material cultures and the new phygital modes of culture consumption and experience from a critical and speculative research focus.

The VISIONS BY experience, which includes an annual magazine, aims at generating awareness through materials beyond their physical properties, at considering materials as a new entitled discipline emerging from a design context, and at exploring new modes of cultural consumption.

Materials are inevitably linked to the evolution of humanity: they award identity, build heritage, and project futures. We focus on this social impact and perception of materials and the importance of materials in activating and dynamizing cultures and socioeconomic systems.

With annual presentations and participative performances by rising and consolidated designers, VISIONS BY magazine issues are conformed by a curated eclectic mix of articles, photographic essays, interviews and case studies, englobing the different forms of understanding and exercising the material in a design context.