Elisava Insights

An innovation report by Elisava Research

Elisava Insights is a knowledge pack of 75 challenges faced by humans and the planet, to be used as an inspirational strategic foresight tool and as a starting point for collective dialogue and transdisciplinary synergies with stakeholders.

Organized in the five transdisciplinary impact areas where Elisava Research has its expertise, we have identified challenges such as: Can we increase the potential to empathise with not just other humans, but perhaps other species and ecosystems? How do we raise awareness on the importance of empathic communication in the digital era? Which materials can help us mitigate climate change? How to promote sense-making relationships with automated machines? How to explore and experience different realities? How can design help de-growth? How can design promote democratic values and fight misinformation?

As valuable as it may be for the whole design and engineering community, we have decided to make it open and available to all researchers, in order to instigate change and provide a tool for purposeful transformations beyond our ecosystem.

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